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2020.03.24. UNPRECEDENTED VIRUS : corona or covid-19
Pls click here to find full info from COVID-19 Virus explanation . (from very good friends of us)

Although, personally , i cannot agree with some measures, who are taken from Belgium government,  future will show us what is correct;
It looks to me that the Netherlands Government is far more objective and is more fundamentally iinformed , what is concerning people information
and handling;
What i cannot agree personally is and even i think is against human and government Laws ; 
* people cannot stay at their own appartment (where they are good enough to pay the local taxes, )
* closing the frontier between belgium and the netherlands: we thought , europe had no longer internal frontiers, but now we are back 50 years ago ???
* we think most people are educated and will follow government proposals , not dictatorial like now;
* we also think it is not possible to lock people fixed in their homes, as this will not work (our estimate) , like closing beaches etc;
(we think, there is , pollution and air purity wise, no more safier place today than along the coast side , if the wind is coming from over seaside (westside)
But again , this is all personal estimations , which maybe are not correct .
My personal idea should be:
a/ rent large hotels (100 - 500 rooms) for residing , covid-19 patients
b/ make test on all people if they have covid-19 (as soon as there is any indication from that, and than put these people imm  with example special busses, who
every where drive around and bring them to these hotels.
c/ Install in these hotels rooms for handling the covid-19 ; (for covid-19 , we should try not to use the regular hospitals)
d/ Even ourselves , have access to all equipment , which is necessary for such treatment, and can example , most be imported in a few days from experienced
  hospitals or companies , we find in uk , chian, usa, etc; .
e/ For sure also people must take care about any person who has sickness symptons.
But again , we have many ideas, but we can only make suggestions.
f/ one very basic for me wrong information is the number of corona patients and deads.
To be relevant, there should be mentioned , how many people died , last year , example :february 2019 ; against february 2020 .
The main point is , that  from the given data, it is hard to believe, how many patiens, eventually also without covid , should be
died, as many mentioned people are 80 - 90 years old, and as everybody knows, in this  moment, nobody will be living for ever.
Anyway, week by week , comparation against last year would give additionally a far better idea about the situation.
(Also , for example, italy has one of the oldest curve of people in europe, so the case is not so simple).
g/ Also , as to our understanding, it is hard to know  or understand how dangerous, is this virus ?
We do not know or understand , in this moment, if all measures are :under or over estimated ?
Comments are welcome. (
Writer of above goes mostly since more than 20 years , every 2 months to china and by coincidence , was 2 days in Wuhan area, end of oktober all around.
(contacts with chery automobile where we discuss engine parts for gas generators, where in ths company we estimate some 10 000 people is working.)

We have a lot of more information , concerning Corona (Covid-19) , so if interested, we send all possible known info from us.
Background: mic-etap company , is  working in netherlands, belgium , poland, india and china as our basic countries and as we are primarly a technical
manufacturing company, we have some 100 subcontractors , all over china , since even 20 years from now.
Further we can only say that china companies , with whom we are working, are very professional and have descent , nice and serious habits.
Further , China today with 1.3 biljon people, are for us the most industrialised county in the actual technical world , with high educational  standards.

:   Toni de Pape , 
  Hello ,
1.  First , my best wishes for the christmas and newyear, and  china rat year,
2020 has already started , china wuhan virus seems to be some problem, hopefully this case will be early solutioned.
Anyway, for the moment, ourselves, we care about above virus, but we are not going to stop any actions  in relation to this context.
2. For the moment we are very active in
* buildings: mainly tents, halls ,containers
* Solar Fields: we are building solarfield constructioins , based on our tent structures, which gives the advantage :
a/  no problems with weed, or any green rubbish under the solar constructions (we put the solarpanels on height from 2.5 up to 6 meters, following demand
b/ under the solar panels , everything is possible ;: storage, parking, ev-loading, agriculture , etc;
* Energy centrals for ev loading, home use, office use, etc; : 1/4 pricing for electric power , heating , cooling  (we have patent applied for our systems : )
systems for heating /power /cooling : from 5 - 150 kw
3. We are very active in expanding our europe business , mainly benelux and poland, further exanding in ukraine , rumania;
Overseas, we are mainly put our activities in dubai and india;
We are open for any field of cooperation in these countries;
4. Further we are working on new websites and web-based activities;

   For 2020, pls find  my wishes ; 

   And in a long future, my wishes are next:


                                    any suggestions ?


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