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Thanks for visiting my personal website,
My whole life, i am /was active in technical products ,mainly as a background organiser
and developer.
I'll intend to continue with  this more than ever.  I like electric, electronics, and mechanicals
 , i could still apply for some energy patents, so ....
Apart from that, i want to establich some 15% from my time in support for honesty and
human help; and make support against corruption , perjury (from eu-judges) ; and stupid
handling , to help for a more equal , serious, honest and logic world.
One of the things , i never did , but as i see the real wrong-going of this belgium , and
and other eu - organisations, i make this blog, and i hope , some one or more people
will try to develop a more human world with respect for any person.
I'm working already on this blog , and hope to make something substantial , which
can be helpfull to make a more green ,respectfull , and logic world.


2020.06.02 : " the very cruel MURDER  on George Floyd "
or : "the consequences of our horrible failure and false use of our political and justice system "
and even "today " these corrupt criminal people (some ,even many  of politicians are serving themselves of some basic lacks in our
political and justice system.  Where in fact , its all about "stealing money" and "abuse of power" of a certain class in our society.
Our basics should be:  politicians, justice and "our" controlling power like police and army, should be installed for protecting and serving the (all)
Because of some big lacks in our law-organisation system , some people (in usa, in europe ,and other countries) are using the system mainly for: 
enriching and abuse of power , only for themselves.
There are also many good and descent  exeptions, just like (but there are many, many good others also ) :
(only to name a few who have good intentions :)
* the maire of atlanta (usa )  (burgemeester van Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms)
* the maire of amsterdam ,(Femke Halsema : pls make support for this brave women)
* Even some normal police man , who understand that their function is not meant for "killing or murder in first degree of people "
* It's killing in first degree, and for sure NOT  third degree murder, and ALL other 3 (three ) police man at the killing are guilty , at least of second degree murder.
(IS THERE ANY LOGIC HUMAN BEING , who will pretend that "more than 9 minutes, cutting the breathing from any person " and afterwards these murderers
would pretend that their victim still could be alive ????? (only cutting the breathing , some small 9 minutes ????) ;
Sorry, i have never seen any swimmer longer than 3 minutes going under in the water in this world , maybe there are extra terrestial people who can do that , but
me, personally have not seen any living human from this earth ,  with more than the 3 minutes breathing  capacity.
* And in my school ,they tried to teach me : that police is mentioned 'to serve and protect " but my teacher has forgotton to tell me the end of the story:
"serve and protect corrupt -justice and politicians "  just like in Holland: "Grapperhouse" ;  in Belgium "De Crem or Carl Decaluwe "  ; in usa : "Trump" ; and
many other from this sort of people, who are only good at "stealing money for  themselves and abuse of power against the people they , once promised to serve them.

Once Upon a Time,  "Politicians, Justice and their executors (the police) : was made for: "To Serve and Protect ",  but they forget to mention additionally:
'to serve and protect themselves " ; 
Some real statements:
*Police is here for the people  ;NOT REVERSE:  the people are not meant for the police
(we no longer see that ???; they are used to steal hughe amounts of money , when any wrongdoing, instead  of  asking and explain things.)
*Any political function , is meant to serve the people; not REVERSE
*Any Law System and Lawyers , are meant to serve the people ; not REVERSE

*All people should be equal for the law,  these should be the basics from a society ; not like politicians , judges ,parlement have some special protecting Law, !!!

I think, nobody can or will confirm , that "wild demonstrations " are ok ; but on the other hand, and against , when our socalled elected people , who should be
human, neglect and misform the law , only for themselves; 
* when murdering from them is a "mistake",while reverse , they are misforming the society for years, ; humanwise, there is a point of no return, where
abuse situations  explode  ; (in usa, already more than 1000 people are killed or murdered from the police  (who initially should protect ??????)
(We guess, most people have seen:  "one bridge too far ........   "  ; also , it seems that for many judges and politicians: protect has become insaint )
In fact , we as normal people are faultly, as we let these corrupt and people with abuse  of power , do for far to long time; until .....  (it really goes too far !!!).
Let us please correct the political and justice system immediately , (before everything explodes !!!! ) 
Let us make a real Policital Ethical Honest , for All Human Party . where we correct and replace the false continuous consequences of our system;
* all political and justice functions should be meticulously controlled on money laundering ,
* these functions can have maximum 3 times the average country salary (official salaries and cost payments , should be openly published at all time.)
(like costs are not published from europe eu-politicians and officials, which  most probably is official money laundering at the cost of all europe people)
* the law , who is made , is for everyone EXACTLY THE SAME , without any single exeption, not a judge, not a policician, not the king of any country
(it even cannot be that europeen lawmakers, can make taxes for everyone, exept for themselves ????) : such corruption should be ended imm.
* Judges and nobody , can have a life long function ; like even any judge must be installed for , say 7 years, whereas , after that period , there must be always
a new election , where there must be an evaluation by many persons , of the past x-(7?) years period.
* Abuse of Power,  Lack of applying basic rules and the law of constitution, must be punished at all time immediately (for any person without exception, even and
for sure, the lawmakers themselves and the judges )

I understand also why most of our corrupt politicians are strongly  against china-political system; although for sure, the china system is not fully correct; in china
 all politicians who do money laundering or corruption , are directly put in jail, with no exeption at all.  Should chinese laws and systems be operational in Europe,
 most probably 50% of our politicians should be put in jail at once .

Our corrupt Politicians and Justice are very creative in explanation :
* False statements from P+J are creative statements
* Neglecting of the Law: is mostly interpreted as forgotton the use of to see  the law.
* P+J, very frequently, when the truth must be neglected, they talk about : " dignity of their profession "
(i have many prove from judges, lawmakers, politicians, ministers, who are using above statement to hide their corrupt behavior )
In the usa, they even murder people , and explain this as " ?????     ";  but also in Belgium, (most corrupt country in europe ) , and many
other countries , we are very heavy sick in the same bed.
"The LOGE ", which is in fact a dangerous MAFFIA-LIKE , but even look-alike official organisation , should be prohibited at once .
(Similar to Ku-Klux Clan , etc )
It is high time to correct our political and jurisdic system, where there are still some laws from 150 years ago , which are not appropriate today.
Let us create some new political party who is honest, correct and descent , and for everyone, and all people , without one single exeption.

2020.06.02- some other editions:


2020.05.28. Hydroxychloroquine ???
By coincidence, today and yesterday, there is a lot of discussion about: hcq.
In my blog from yesterday, i was mentioning a lot about this; and additional to that i still want to mention:
a/ i am not a doctor, so i do not want to pretend to know exactly what is about the case, exept:
b/ there is no smoke without fire  (? )  (as good seen in pro and contra)
c/ nobody can deny, that the medicin is existing since extremely long time (20- 30 years)and approved all the time ??
d/  it looks me logic that there is a big difference, in using the medicine for a few days, compared to, maybe people who
take overdosis , maybe month(s) ; where , when using overdosis , most medicaments are bad.
(but nobody in the "None" camp is taking this in the context.)
But again, i am no doctor, i only look at the logic ?

2020.05.28 : abuse of power and perjurry in us and belgium ;
Similar use of Cover-Up Systems (doofpot)
USA police is following me , using cover-up systems, to let disappear, their macho and their "abuse of Power" (machtsmisbruik) against black people.
(Even the last case in minneapolis is extreme: they simply fired , the murderers, instead of putting them in jail.)
It let me think about the exact similar but in another context: "abuse  of  Power " and even continuous "PERJURY" (meineed) and corruption from
 Belgium  Judges, as it looks like that for now even more than 50% (following me)  of politicians and judges ;are guilty in exactly the same bed.
(poor belgium ??? )

2020.02.28-01 : Belgium way of helping in administration
some real Belgium reference :
(it is now: the year 2020, in Belgium: )
website  : "its me "
on the website, at the backside, is mentioned: If  any problem with this website,pls phone to tel : xxxxx
When phone to this phone number,an automatic recording  is mentioning:
"because of too many phone calls, we have discontinued this phone service ."
poor belgium  ?????
(just for reference: itsme is used mostly for connection with belgium government , so ????)

2020.05.27 corona update
he whole corona case ,when looked in deep, seems to be one of the strangest and most remarkable happenings in 2020-Time cyclus.
As myself , was heavily infected, as most  probably one of the first corona cases (november 2019) ; while i've been in many factories,all  around china, from guangzhou ,
further to shenzhen, fuzhou,wenzhou, wuhan, wuhu, hangzhou, shanghai, changzhou,nantong, nanjing, up to beijing,
When arrived back in europe , i'll became very ill for 2 weeks (i thought, first time in my life heavy flu , even for my first time, 1 day in bed bcs of heavy fever,before back normal).
It was only 3 months later, i found out , i must have been infected with some corona, effectively.
Than i started to look back at nov,dec, january period , and effectively , every one who was in contact with me that time, and than further, has become ill or seemed to have flu.
One thing extremely remarkable , is that is must have been very extreme transferrable, as most people , when now asking back, have been ill ,some for 1 day, some for 3 weeks.
And also remarkable, nobody , today (since end of january) , has this corona. (following some doctors, i've given over , immunity against this corona.
What is now very strange !!! / A lot of normal logic doctors :
a/ give hydroxychloroquine + zinc   (doctors, like rob evens (nl) , Didier Raoult, and 1000 others; where hcq is an very old and cheap initial malaria medicin, which is tested
and approved for more than 30 years ; and average results seem to confirm that 90% from people , who use this in the beginning when ill, recover in a few days.
Also , as i am not a doctor, it seems to be that above medicine , acts like a shooting vest, or bullet proof clothing. (which also makes only sence when used before the shooting.)
When using hcq, it seems also that covid cannot penetrate in good cells, but , when very heavily infected already, like if you have been shoot down and bleeding everywhere,
it makes no longer sence , to use this , when already terminal. (must be used ,at the start period ) .
As the medicine is in use , since extreme long time , and added to millions of people, it has been  sure , when used in normal quantities, there is no danger at all , and
also it is very cheap.
My Point: All above doctors have no  financial advantage , by prescribtion of hcq, exept, if they really want to help their patients.
As hcq is safe, has a long existing already time, and bcs , there cannot be any other reason , than help to customers, hcq is to my point of view, something with no risk
and in most shown cases, it has helped, when used at proper time .
NOW : some people , like rvi in holland, some (high positioned) persons, are forbidding , the use of hcq, (with ????? reasons) ; where these people are most , all related
to heavy money circuits and salaries ; so it looks like it has something to do with corruption , (like the heavy corrupted eu-politicians, in belgium even Corrupt
Al-Capone Stile and the justice , where even 50% is practicing: perjury .)
One of the Logic Questions , where above people have no answer: "why to forbid an ancient proven , no harm medicine  , which even has proven in large statistics, that corona
can be treated , fur sure up to some level. (and than by people , who have no financial advantage) , while these who are forbidding the medicine , are more or less mostly
linked or can be linked , to large medical conglomorates , as , what they are forbidding  (they are in fact killing people) , makes no sence.
What is the reason ???????
(I have some different ideas, and i think , most logic people can guess , what could be happening .
For sure , all the doctors , who are using hcq , have nothing in their pockets, exept, mostly happy healed patients  (i do not see any other reason)
b/ there are also a lot of , logically , other products for healing, but most of them become forbidden ?????
What is happening this time ????
For sure, i can be wrong, but i have seen unfortunately such 'so called: high society (corrupt - perjury) justice people and politicians ; and further also
i have seen that even the most important materials, (masks , etc ) , even for medical people in clinics, was not available ; and even ;
thousand good masks were confiscated from these high society; while they were promoting to make masks from underwear ???? /
Mother ??? , what is happening, since i went to school at 7 years, i have never seen such bloody actions all the way ; and most important,
these people should run the country like Belgium  (Even in the time from Al Capone,  there was more justice than today in some eu- countries (not all !!);
and if i see the europe parlement, who are talking from billions, which they have stolen from descent eu- people ?? what is happening.
Even Many Descent Policiticians , even in India, politicians are lowering their own salary with 30% , as most normal people and normal companies,
must live from nothing of have no longer a job. (these politicians blocked everything) ; 
This Corona , could have been a real , good example of leadership from EU-Government, but unfortunately, it has shown, that EU-Institutions are primarly
a real goldmine-salary  for eu-politicians , where they make taxes for all citizens , exept for themselves.
(cfr: personally , i think, eu-connection could be an interesting fact for the eu-union countries , up to some level, (like technical standards, and many
other subjects, exept, eu will never become one and same country and cannot be that , lets say in the first decennia, as a greek island resident, will never be
or have same habits like a norvegian or swedish resident. (each country has far different history and habits, where it will take some decennia to level off.)
(just one other example; the hollanders have been very economical with there money , all the time; so the holland country has practically no debt as they lived
or have been living descent and meticular over their life, while in some other countries, people and their politicians have lived  like money comes  from heaven
or out of heaven. ; and now there is some large financial problem , it looks me fair that countries, who have money , help , countries in problem.
(but it looks me also logic that this should be in the form of a sort of renting out ; as it cannot be that some people act as slaves for other people.)

If you handle people, like they are small children, they will act like that.
Also, the handling metod from actual belgium politicians looks more or less, like a new way of inquisition ; Jeanne d'Arc is back
I'm no fan of trumpf, but look, coincidence : rob elens ( and many others are promoting use of zinc.
When somebody is looking to early to heaven, i think or guess , above is a good alternative, anyway far better than nothing.

re: Corona 

1.the whole corona case gives a very good idea how the political world is established ;
  To my point of view, it is dramatic and even it looks like democracy is only for corrupt politicians and justice; 
As myself, i'm coming since 20 years in china, and further on a regular base the whole world , it is astonishing, more over
as i was by coincidence in Wuhan beginning of nov, and obiously, i have been infected with a very first version of this corona,
whereas , i have distributed direct and indirect this first corona to , as far as it looks like , some 1000 people in december /january ,
But , and this is the good thing, all related persons, now seem   to be immune for the actual covid.
It is to some point , interesting , how some countries are working and in this corona situation, it is easy to see where is logic
 and human/clever handling.
Anyway if i look to Belgium, it is really dramatic, while Holland is anyway far more logic .
My thinkings for now;
a/ when something should have been important for the eu-spirit, it was this corona.
But in this case, every country has made completely own measures, while europe  seems to be only a Leagacy for old politicians ,
to receive extreme money amounts and taxfree environment, for the end of their life; (far away from the normal life of eu-working
citisans , which seems to be the last of their thinkings).
b/ many politicians have used the corona virus , to endanger their people and make a police state.
c/ it would have been logic , at the start of the corona , to send  clever people for experiencing , to china and some other countries, which
really had to do with this corona before, but instead of looking , to learn from other countries; measures were taken where there was no
logic at all. (install police state , and grab as much money from innocent citizens ( belgium: 64 000 citizens x minimum 250 euro (so called
penalties ???)
d/ eu - frontiers were locked ??
e/ no masks available
f/ government predicted that simple towels before the mouth should be used, and masks , who are for sure 5 times better than these towels, have
been confiscated  ???  (where is the logic ??)
g/ people who have somewhere  an own paid  property at the seaside or on another place somewhere , more in outside, fresh areas, could not use
or stay at their property ? (where they were good enough to pay buy-taxes and yearly taxes, but many not use their own property  ???
(incredible , but true )
h/ Instead of asking people to think about the virus and propose measures to survive, in belgium , militaristic measures were proclaimed from
a sort of government , who even was not elected . (the parties who were chosen by recent elections were faced out )
i/  instead of making a serious evaluation , with doctors like rob elens ( ) even the most logic measures were not taken.
j/ Even Test if someone has Covid, did not exist or was not done .
(just one example: at eeklo clinic, there was  a separate tent , for testing people who are sick , to test (?)  what should be done; BUT ,  they did
everything there EXEPT testing if somebody had Covid Yes or No : HOW  is this POSSIBLE ??????
k/ Destroying the complete Economy whas NO problem at all for these Politicians, make all possible DAMAGE , and instead of giving , 
 some GOOD EXAMPLE , like India, etc, where POLICIANS , deducted 30% from their NORMAL  even small salary, compared
to the EXTRA HIGH SALARIES here in EUROPE ,  these socalled Politicians , only grabbed money from the normal people, while
installing a Police - STATE and install extreme Penalties for the normal people .

Next Week , i give some further aversions and in fact criminal behaviour from these politicians .
l/ (now i understand , these politicians do not like china, as in china, such corruption is not tolerated at all, and politicians are simply
put in Jail , while in europe, they live like Roman Kings.)

2020.04.06.some good corona introduction and overview

2020.04.05- BillGates and TrevorNoah Virus and Vaccin Discussion

2020.04.05- CoronaSong  : 

2020.03.24. UNPRECEDENTED VIRUS : corona or covid-19
Pls click here to find full info from COVID-19 Virus explanation . (from very good friends of us)

Although, personally , i cannot agree with some measures, who are taken from Belgium government,  future will show us what is correct;
It looks to me that the Netherlands Government is far more objective and is more fundamentally iinformed , what is concerning people information
and handling;
What i cannot agree personally is and even i think is against human and government Laws ; 
* people cannot stay at their own appartment (where they are good enough to pay the local taxes, )
* closing the frontier between belgium and the netherlands: we thought , europe had no longer internal frontiers, but now we are back 50 years ago ???
* we think most people are educated and will follow government proposals , not dictatorial like now;
* we also think it is not possible to lock people fixed in their homes, as this will not work (our estimate) , like closing beaches etc;
(we think, there is , pollution and air purity wise, no more safier place today than along the coast side , if the wind is coming from over seaside (westside)
But again , this is all personal estimations , which maybe are not correct .
My personal idea should be:
a/ rent large hotels (100 - 500 rooms) for residing , covid-19 patients
b/ make test on all people if they have covid-19 (as soon as there is any indication from that, and than put these people imm  with example special busses, who
every where drive around and bring them to these hotels.
c/ Install in these hotels rooms for handling the covid-19 ; (for covid-19 , we should try not to use the regular hospitals)
d/ Even ourselves , have access to all equipment , which is necessary for such treatment, and can example , most be imported in a few days from experienced
  hospitals or companies , we find in uk , chian, usa, etc; .
e/ For sure also people must take care about any person who has sickness symptons.
But again , we have many ideas, but we can only make suggestions.
f/ one very basic for me wrong information is the number of corona patients and deads.
To be relevant, there should be mentioned , how many people died , last year , example :february 2019 ; against february 2020 .
The main point is , that  from the given data, it is hard to believe, how many patiens, eventually also without covid , should be
died, as many mentioned people are 80 - 90 years old, and as everybody knows, in this  moment, nobody will be living for ever.
Anyway, week by week , comparation against last year would give additionally a far better idea about the situation.
(Also , for example, italy has one of the oldest curve of people in europe, so the case is not so simple).
g/ Also , as to our understanding, it is hard to know  or understand how dangerous, is this virus ?
We do not know or understand , in this moment, if all measures are :under or over estimated ?
Comments are welcome. (
Writer of above goes mostly since more than 20 years , every 2 months to china and by coincidence , was 2 days in Wuhan area, end of oktober all around.
(contacts with chery automobile where we discuss engine parts for gas generators, where in ths company we estimate some 10 000 people is working.)

We have a lot of more information , concerning Corona (Covid-19) , so if interested, we send all possible known info from us.
Background: mic-etap company , is  working in netherlands, belgium , poland, india and china as our basic countries and as we are primarly a technical
manufacturing company, we have some 100 subcontractors , all over china , since even 20 years from now.
Further we can only say that china companies , with whom we are working, are very professional and have descent , nice and serious habits.
Further , China today with 1.3 biljon people, are for us the most industrialised county in the actual technical world , with high educational  standards.

:   Toni de Pape , 
  Hello ,
1.  First , my best wishes for the christmas and newyear, and  china rat year,
2020 has already started , china wuhan virus seems to be some problem, hopefully this case will be early solutioned.
Anyway, for the moment, ourselves, we care about above virus, but we are not going to stop any actions  in relation to this context.
2. For the moment we are very active in
* buildings: mainly tents, halls ,containers
* Solar Fields: we are building solarfield constructioins , based on our tent structures, which gives the advantage :
a/  no problems with weed, or any green rubbish under the solar constructions (we put the solarpanels on height from 2.5 up to 6 meters, following demand
b/ under the solar panels , everything is possible ;: storage, parking, ev-loading, agriculture , etc;
* Energy centrals for ev loading, home use, office use, etc; : 1/4 pricing for electric power , heating , cooling  (we have patent applied for our systems : )
systems for heating /power /cooling : from 5 - 150 kw
3. We are very active in expanding our europe business , mainly benelux and poland, further exanding in ukraine , rumania;
Overseas, we are mainly put our activities in dubai and india;
We are open for any field of cooperation in these countries;
4. Further we are working on new websites and web-based activities;

   For 2020, pls find  my wishes ; 

   And in a long future, my wishes are next:


                                    any suggestions ?


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